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Product Updates
Darko Gjorgjijoski
by Darko Gjorgjijoski July 30, 2019

About MegaOptim

MegaOptim is image compression API service that we developed for our internal purposes first but later decided to release in public. The service can be integrated with any platform and includes many features for image compression.

In order to use MegaOptim, every user needs to sign up for a free api key which initially gives the user 500 free credits(images) per month. Once the quata is reached the users can purchase new credits at anytime or subscribe to any of our subscription plans.

Our primary focus in last time was the plugin MegaOptim Image Optimizer. Both the API and the plugin are pretty stable now and we are ready to welcome new users.

How it works

Image compression is the process of encoding and converting an image file in such a way that it consumes less space than the original file.

MegaOptim provides hassle free multiplatform API and a WordPress plugin that can be used to optimize and compress your images while preserving the original quality as much as possible. No image compression tools and binaries are required because all the heavy lifting is done on our servers with utilizing our algorithms for compression.

As we mentioned before first the user needs to sign up, then obtain API key from the Dashboard and start using the service.

We built a WordPress plugin and a few other tools that will allow you to use the service. Including PHP, Node.js and Python libraries and a CLI tool.

If you have any question feel free to contact us.

About us

We are web development agency comprised of professionals with successful carreers behind. Our team members are focusing on website optimization, website design and development and also app development, while also maintaining some of our own products.

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